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Real Estate Photography


Real Estate Drone Photography

We provide real estate photography for property owners and real estate agents who need land and property photos taken from the air. Our unique abilities for specialized photography enables us to provide photos for a wide variety of real estate projects such as commercial properties, rural areas, and construction-in-progress, all from the ground or air. We can help to present your property to potential investors and clients with beautiful, colorful aerial shots.

Multiple Aerial Views

We can present your property from a high or low aerial view. When investors, clients and customers see your images, they will see a compelling collection of photos taken from multiple aerial views. The photos can be organized and categorized in the angles you desire: direct overhead, low angle, high angle, and distant. These angles will showcase your property's location, parking area, points of access and surrounding retail businesses within the adjacent area.

Portfolio Optimization

Optimizing your portfolio involves a few steps. First, we capture your real estate property with the best clarity and resolution. Then, we further optimize them by editing and enhancing. Finally, we put it all together in a portfolio and make it easy for you to access and display. You'll be happy to showcase and share your aerial property views to prospective buyers and associates.

Professional photography leads to the purchase of a home..

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has indicated that 44% of home buyers found the home they purchased from an Internet listing. Most of them stated that it was a photo that sparked their curiosity and finally led to the acquisition of their current home. Real estate photography is one of the most important aspects of selling a home.

Advantages of Real Estate Photography

Quality real estate photography is more likely to generate a buyer that will pay a higher price. A good photographer knows how to implement the necessary techniques and technology that will turn out the right imagery. Finding the help of a professional real estate photographer might produce the following advantages:

  • Receive a higher number of views.
  • Have a higher asking price.
  • Will decrease the span of time needed to stay on the market.

Attainable Real Estate Photography

Manned aircraft is used to capture aerial views of a property's land area, special features and surrounding perimeter. In the past, aerial real estate photography was reserved for real estate agents showcasing luxury homes, but current aerial technology has made aerial services much more attainable.


We make it easy to share your project photos. A photo storage facility serves as a convenient place to store photos in the cloud, making it easy for you to share them with family, friends or clients. Your photos can be sent from your device to someone else's device, whether that's your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Your photos will be backed-up for as long as you need them to be.

Just let us know about the details of your project and we will handle the rest. We capture photos for the best quality and resolution. If so desired, we will do our best to color correct and/or modify your photos so your media is ready to share the moment you receive it.

Optimizing For The Web

If you're thinking long-term, then optimization is obviously part of your plan to make the best of your project. Capturing photos from the air is only one aspect of building a portfolio, optimizing them for the Web is another aspect involving the final refining process. Here are 5 steps that we can help you with if so desired:

  • Use Web Dimensions - Search engines will give favor to images that load fast. If you need to re-size high resolution images, you can use your own software, or we can help you with it. The average default setting for image editing programs is 72dpi, however, you'll also need to be mindful of weight vs. pixel width once the image is saved for the Web. The height should be little concern, as a Browser will always constrain to proportion anyway.
  • Naming Images - The name you assign to an image should contain meaningful keywords. These keywords should be the same or similar to your main topic. They can contain direct match keywords, geo-terms, synonyms and derivatives (e.g,. hotel real estate, home for sale, land development project, downtown office building at 5th and Main).
  • Alt & Title Tags - This is similar to naming an image, and makes it easier for search engines to understand what the image is about.
  • Watermarking - Although not a ranking factor, overlaying an image with a watermark can help to communicate to the viewer who the owner or photographer is. If the image gets high traffic, the watermark might add some promotional value. It also serves to protect the image.
  • Tagging - This is a simple process of tagging a photo with words and phrases that identify who or what is in the picture while also creating a link to the profile page of the person you've tagged. Each image can be tagged with appropriate keywords and key-phrases and can be done easily with Facebook, Flickr and others.

Optimized images means that your real estate listings will look good on all devices plus generate more traffic from potential buyers. There are many sizes of screens and devices, but when considering the various types of devices used, the typical buyer is more likely to use a mobile device to search for pictures of their desired property. They will often choose to navigate through mobile ready sites with photo galleries that feature quality photos, home listings, and clear snippets about the home buying process. The next step is contacting an agent and visiting the property.

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