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Construction Progress

Construction progress photography combines revealing angles with wider perspectives to deliver valuable site information to the client. Essentially, aerial shots produce clear progress reports in the form of visualizations that cannot be matched from the ground. Aerial views of any construction site can potentially be used to track and record progress against other data and used to improve efficiency, create progress reports, and save money. Aerial photos can also provide valuable data to help resolve possible disputes.

We are able to achieve excellent depth and quality in all the images we take. Sure, it's easy to correct most images in Photoshop, but if the source file is not resolute to begin with, the final saved image will not look convincing and may even look over-processed.

What is construction progress?

Construction progress refers to the visual documentation of building phases in the construction of a large project or single structure. The documentation involves the organization of photos of the construction phases and used for surveying, tracking milestones, promotions and solving perimeter disputes. Altogether, these images are an invaluable asset for logistics and pre-planning.

Progress Documentation Access

Once the photos are taken, we make them available to you as soon as possible so you can directly access, study, share, and document them as needed. Aerial images give building supervisors, property owners and investors the ability to study the progress of their project.


Some of our past projects include the following...

  • New housing area for the University of Texas, El Paso
  • Americas Interchange 31
  • El Paso GO 10 - HNTB
  • Tornillo Bridge
  • Spur 1966 Project
  • Travis Crawford Auto Dealership
  • Tornillo Bridge
  • Rescue Mission
  • Whole Foods
  • Casa Bandera Apartments in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Let us know how your aerial project should unfold and we will try our best to meet your expectations. We'll start on your progressive timeline when and where you want. Even before ground is broken, we will provide you with detailed aerial views of your proposed construction site.

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