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Aerial Photos El Paso offers aerial photography contracting services for individuals and organizations in need of aerial photographic film and digital imagery. More specifically, we offer these services to private individuals, small businesses and federal agencies in Texas and the U.S. Aerial Photos El Paso   We have a greater range of photographic services than your typical photgraphy studio. Taking high quality photographs from a moving plane or helicopter involves someone with skill and experience, and Aerial Photos El Paso has the experience and skill-level to meet almost any demand for aerial photography.

Digital Archives

Aerial Photos El Paso is affiliated with Brian Kanof Photography and is home to one of El Paso's largest photography film libraries. We house thousands' of original digital images and film rolls. The image source files that are owned by Aerial Photos El Paso date from 1967 to the present. We presently have photo archives that cover not only El Paso but many other locations around the globe.

History From The Air

If you're in need of historical imagry, we can provide you with original photos of historical sites from the air, or anywhere on the ground. El Paso is a historical town, and if you're looking for historical photos, then we may already have what you're looking for in our archives. If not, then we will do our best to satisfy your specific needs. Historic images play a vital role as they help us to understand where we came from and what molded us into what we are today.


Aerial Photos El Paso has provided the Southwest with aerial photography for construction progress, real estate and photojournalism since 1978.

Aerial Assignments: We provide one-time assignments or construction progress contracts providing monthly views of a site or area from survey and groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. We shoot destruction progress as well.

Our membership in PAPA (Professional Aerial Photographers Association International) gives us the ability to take pictures from the air anywhere in the world.

Equipment: "To Drone or not to drone." We fly fixed-winged aircraft, helicopters and unmanned helicopters (drones) or any combination, depending on requirements and restrictions. Any altitude from 20 to 10,000 ft. We use only high resolution professional cameras and lenses.

Diversity: Most of our assignments take us to individual construction sites or real estate zones, but we are currently photographing two highway projects spanning several miles each.

Exclusivity: The aerial images belong to the client. We never resell archived images. This is especially important in Real Estate Photography where sites might be scouted for possible retail locations or restaurant construction.

Delivery: Same-day delivery of images is routine. We can upload them to our FTP and send them to any e-mail address worldwide. We can do it old school as well by burning the images to disc and printing out numbered and indexed proofs at no extra charge. For editorial assignments, we can even transmit images from the aircraft during flight.

Because of our schedule, we can add any area or site to our aerial route at a reduced rate.

Ownership: Aerial Photos El Paso is a subsidiary of Brian Kanof Photography.

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